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What do Tom’s clients have to say about the Loan Doc?

“Last year, my husband and I were in such bind when college was nearing the corner. Tom came to us with a loan alternative that provided an account that accrued interest AND reduced our monthly mortgage payment! We couldn’t have met the tuition requirements without Tom the Loan Doc!”

Tamara, San Diego, CA

“Tom really is a doc! He was able to diagnose our financial problems and determine the correct remedy for out situation! He saved our lives!”

Jodie, Mission Viejo, CA

“Tom was so wonderful at explaining my options, sorting through the different loans and finding the perfect loan that met my needs for today! I have a new reverse mortgage that will allow me to enjoy my life worry-free…and still have something to pass along to my kids. Win-win at its finest!”

Mary Lou, Laguna Woods, CA

“The time was right for us to make some necessary and ‘wish list’ improvements to our home – not to sell, but rather to stay for the long haul. Tom found us a great new mortgage that allowed us to not only begin construction, but to afford the new upgraded appliances my wife dreamed of owning. Our family can now grow in the house we love! Thanks Tom!

Michael, San Clemente, CA