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Why The Loan Doc?

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We have seen the Market turn I the past 5 years. Appreciation in valuation of homes in California is well over 65% since 2012.  Things are healthy for the current home owner and the home seller in today’s

So why come to Tom Gyepes, “Loan Doc”

  1. I Want to Buy a Home:  Come and visit the “Loan Doc” so that you can plan the steps that lead to a successful bid for a new home with a financing plan you can be confident will be the best for you and your family. The “Loan Doc” makes sure you are financially healthy, and gives you the right treatment to get you ready to Buy Right!  
  2. I Already Own A Home, what are my financing options? Loan Docs is like any Doctor, he needs to see your regularly to be able to evaluate your mortgage needs, and help you plan a healthy financing plan.  It is not a condition of a “sick” market these days.  For your current home situation, seeing the “Loan Doc” is akin to a regular Doctor’s’ regular check-ups. You see a doctor to make sure you are healthy and on the right medications and regimes. You see the “Loan Doc” to ensure you know all of the current best choices in loans.  Stay healthy, and check with the “Loan Doc” every year.
  3. Resources — Like the big banks! You might think that the Big Banks can give oyu the best deal. Well the “The Loan Doc” has the connections ot the “Big Banks” and can provide the same service with the addition of making “house calls” when needed, and “The Loan Doc”is available nights and weekends.